Welcome at Eumedia’s Burli Support site

Welcome dear customer, at Eumedianet’s support website, featuring software updates, tips and tricks and lot’s of help with the Burli Newsroom Systems. Choose the Burli product and visit the product support site.

Burli Newsroom System
This is the industry standard since 1996 at used in radiostations all over the world. Go here to the support page
Burli NE
Burli NE is the newest Burli system, aimed for the hi-end multichannel broadcast market, supporting radio, television and online news workflows. Go here to the NE support page.
Burli Beat
Beat is the webversion of Burli NE. All the information you’ll need to support this HTML5 web client, you will find here.
Burli Portable
With Portable you have a offline/online HTML5 client for your staff. Here’s the support page for Portable