In cooperation with the University of Nottingham, Eumedianet has developed an app for people with dementia, called “Thinkability”. The activities in the app are based on Cognitive Stimulation Therapy for individuals with dementia and their care givers. See this website for more information about this therapy or visit the product website Thinkability.

The app has 21 activities for people with mild to moderate dementia. These are designed to stimulate conversation and to reactivate the brain, using sound, video, images and games. Each activity has two levels.

Here’s an example of the activity, called: “My Life”

This activity offers open questions to the person with dementia and the care giver about their life in general. This is a good example of how the app promotes conversation.

The app also offers games and interactive activities for mental stimulation. An example is to recognise a musical instruments by its sound, or to spot the “odd one out” in a set of images.

Buy the app on the Apple store for the iOS version, or the Google Play store for the Android version.

This app is made as part of the European Induct project, see this project website, and developed in cooperation with ESR Harleen Rai. Harleen is a Marie Sklodowska-Curie research fellow working for INDUCT (Interdisciplinary Network for Dementia Using Current Technology). For her PhD, she developed this interactive touch screen tablet version of CST (Cognitive Stimulation Therapy) which can be used for people with dementia and their carers. She was supervised by Professor Martin Orrell and Professor Justine Schneider at the University of Nottingham. Harleen has obtained her BSc. in Psychology and MSc. in Neuropsychology from VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands.