SQL Database Errors

As Burli workstatations move to increasing use of SQL databases, users may see error messages from time to time. In almost all cases these result from the transition to SQL rather than from any problem with the data itself.


The most common error is MRG_ERRORINITINGDATABASE which appears when a user tries to open the Assignments, the Contacts or the Archive features. The message is often hard to get rid of as it will pop up again several times when the user clicks the OK button to clear it.

The error usually indicates a mis-match between the database configuration and the version of Burli being run on the workstation. Since build 162 there have been a number of changes in the way workstations talk to the SQL database.

Some of these changes are made automatically by Burli when a new version is run on a workstation; others require manual updates by a system administrator.

The MRG_ERRORINITINGDATABASE error usually occurs when a workstation running a more recent version of Burli (175v or later) tries to talk to a database that is configured for older versions.

The most serious of these updates is described in detail here. If you believe this is not the problem with your system, please contact our technical support department.

Failed to Load

Users may also see the related error message “Failed to Load: C:\Burli\Drivers\Database\MysqlDrv5.dll”. The file location may not be precisely the one here, but it will likely be similar.

The error results from a recent build of Burli not being able to read a database driver file that was introduced in build 175v on the local workstation. There are a number of possible reason, but the most likely are (in order of likelihood):

  1. An error in the dbsman.ini configuration file
  2. A database driver file (MysqlDrv5.dll) is missing (or in the wrong place) on the server OR
  3. Windows permissions prevent Burli from updating the file on the local workstation.

Details of the correct server location of the driver file and configuration for dbsman.ini for recent versions of Burli are given here.

For more details, please contact Burli technical support.