Recycle Bin

When text and audio items are deleted from a work folder they are held for a short time – generally three hours – in case they need to be un-deleted. This function is called the recycle bin.

Deleting text and audio items

When you delete an item from a work folder – whether using the keyboard (delete key) or the mouse (right-click, select ‘delete’) – Burli pops up a box. It shows a list of the items you are deleting (three items at once in the image below) and presents you with two options:

Send the following items to the recycle bin

The recycle bin. Deleted text and audio items are stored here for three hours before being permanently deleted.

This is the default setting and if you don’t change anything on this screen and just hit the Enter key (or click the OK button) the item will be sent to the recycle bin. The item disappears from your work folder and unless you retrieve it, it will be automatically deleted from the recycle bin in three hours time.

Permanently delete these items

Choose this options to skip the recycle bin step and immediately delete the items. Once they are deleted this way they are gone. They do not end up in the Windows recycle bin and they are not backed-up anywhere else – they are completely deleted.

Open the recycle bin from the menu.

Rescuing items from the recycle bin

To retrieve an item from the recycle bin, choose Open|Recycle bin… from the menu at the top of the main screen. The recycle bin opens and lists all the items it contains. Place a check in the box beside the item(s) you want to restore. Press Enter or click OK. The items are restored to the active local folder in the bottom window.

Note an item only stays in the recycle bin for three hours. It is then automatically deleted. If you cannot find a previously-deleted item in the recycle bin it has probably already expired.

What can be recycled?

Only text and audio items from local folders can be sent to the recycle bin. Other items (network folder items, in-queue data, configuration settings, scripts, contacts, assignments etc.) are deleted instantly and permanently.