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In the common uni-cSoftware Devhannel broadcast workflow there are several main processes, like acquisition, story creation, publication and archiving. For each of these processes there’s a dedicated broadcast applications deployed. Video and audio editors, playout servers and CMS-systems for web publishing are stand-alone applications running on mission-critical systems, 24/7 365 days a year.

Mass media channels like television and radio are still very important and generate huge revenues so every adaption to changes in the industry should not affect the current business. But nowadays people consume media in a multi-channel, often mobile environment, anyway, anytime, anyplace and on any screen besides the traditional media channels like television, radio and online. Supporting this multichannel model is time consuming and uses therefore a lot of the resources.

Core based systems
These changes in the industry will increase the need for tools that brings the multichannel workflow of media companies to a next level. Application based systems will move to core based and turns Newsroom, ERP, Media Asset Management, Radio and TV Playout into core features.Newsportal core

The Newsportal adds different layers to your news production environment and will enrich your current news workflow. By adding multichannel publishing, collaboration layers, media management and data analyzing technology to the newsroom, Eumedianet takes with the Newsportal a giant step into the future multichannel newsroom, merging dedicated editorial radio- and television desktops into one single workspace, designed for the user’s role in the company.

If you want to move front end based applications to a more centralized approach, there are several ways to integrate with these core systems. API’s are the best way to integrate but also a simple folder-drop can do the trick if the only thing you want to do is file exchange. XML, Json, MOS and MXF are other file exchange methods that can be used as glue for your systems.

By using the layered structure of the Newsportal, it is possible to let your staff work in a HTML5 web browser and turn the desktop into a flexible role based workspace using the web browser as presentation layer for the core systems.

Lauyers newsportal

There are more layers that can be added to the workflow, like collaboration layers and Interface layers. But it is also possible to use plugins like tools for data analyzing, indexing of media files, metrics, Video QC and planning tools (call sheets).