Excluding Text from Timing

Burli automatically calculates the read time of text in a script based on an average read-time.

By default Burli includes all text (apart from the slug) in the timing calculatons.

However, it is possible to force Burli to exclude some text from the timing. In some newsrooms detailed audio in-queue and out-queue information or notes to the newsreader included in the story body, for example, should excluded from the timing calculcation.

Excluding specific text

In radio scripts it is possible to exclude specific text from the timing calculation by placing that text between special characters.

The characters can be any group of characters you like. Single characters such as > or { or * work well. It is also possible to use multiple characters, so –> or ##would also work.

Whatever you choose, make sure to have different characters for the Start and Stop values for the exclusion region (see below). Both markers must be present to form an exclusion region.

Also remember to select characters that will not appear in normal news copy: #%!. and so on are not recommended.

Turning on text timing exclusion

Text timing exclusion is turned on system-wide with a single setting in a configuration file. It is not currently possible to turn the feature on or off at particular workstations or for individual users, nor can different users have different text exclusion characters; it is a single, system-wide setting.

  1. Find the settings file main.ini on your Burli file server (sometimes called root path) computer.
  2. Make a backup copy of main.ini
  3. Open main.ini in any text editor. Notepad, which comes with all versions of Windows, is ideal.
  4. At the bottom of the section marked [Startup] add the lines:


    Where < and > can be any text (single or multiple characters) that you want to use to denote the beginning and end, respectively, of the text to exclude from the word count and length calculation.

  5. Save main.ini
  6. Restart the workstation. As other workstations across the network restart, they will

Turning OFF text timing exclusion

To deactivate this feature, remove or disable both of the TimingExclude lines in main.ini (see above).


Using the above values, < this text would not be included in the story word count>, whereas this text would be included.

You can include multiple exclusion regions in the same story, < so this text would not be counted either >.

Radio Mode only

Note that at present, only the radio mode of scripts supports this feature. In radio mode, Burli’s story rundown appears on the left-hand side of the screen and the editing area on the right. In TV editing mode, the story rundown spans the screen width, and the content area appears below.