Video production

Video is an important part of the modern information proces. The “how-to” video’s with instructions about how-to cook an egg, how-to fix your flat tyre, or how-to make a complicated math test shown on video portals like YouTube and Vimeo are extremely popular.

Photo by David Kennedy on Unsplash

Video is an important part of the student’s daily media consumption. Engaging this existing media usage as part of a digital education model is a logical step into the students digital habitat. That’s the reason why a lot of universities have started to develop an educational video strategy as part of a bigger digital policy. The goal is to build a hybrid model where offline (hearing class) and online (video and interactive digital learning tools) education meets and enhance the impact of each other.

The students are used to professional video productions from onpay-video platforms like Netflix and Disney+. To keep engagement the educational video’s also need to be of a high quality. A 30 minute video recorded on an iPhone is less likely to encourage the student to watch and be motivated throughout.

The production of professional video is normally done by professional companies and is rather expensive. Eumedianet developed a video production system that supports budget-friendly video production by introducing a workflow method for non-specialist (in media) people such as teachers and professors.

Do-it-Yourself booth

In co-operation with the Erasmus University in Rotterdam (The Netherlands), Eumedianet developed a supporting system for the production of lecture clips in so-called Do-it-Yourself booths (DIY). Lecturers prepare their lecture clips, upload Powerpoint files, create autocue text and define background images and graphic designs without the help of a technical employee of the university.

DIY Booth Erasmus University Rotterdam (The Netherlands) – Photo: Ramon Bovenlander

See this page for the details about the DIY booth.

Media Library

If you record video, you need to save and publish it to your respective channels. The developed video system “Beats” is the base system of all video supporting applications and toolkit from Eumedianet. With this cloud-based system you can store video, create low resolution copies for web browning purposes, create thumbnails as a visual still of the video, transcode the video in every desired format and publish it to the publication channels like video CDN’s (Content Delivery Network), e-learning systems, or YouTube and Vimeo.

Beats has many different configuraties, you can use 100% cloud based setups, but also hybrid models where some content is stored on premises and others in the cloud.

Beats Library with thumbnails and low resolution video

See this page for the details about the Beats video library.