DirectX Requirements for Burli

Starting with Build 170, released in October 2002, Burli requires that Microsoft’s DirectX components be installed on ALL computers that run Burli. DirectX is already installed on all versions of Windows XP and many versions of 2000, ME and 98. It may not be present on Windows 95 or NT machines.

What is this DirectX thing?

DirectX is a Windows add-on from Microsoft that lets software programs like Burli use specialised hardware features. It turns out that in some cases it is a more stable and reliable way of talking to external hardware than through Windows alone. This is especially true for the gameport which many newsrooms use to detect the contact closures that accompany audio feeds.

We recommend running DirectX 8 or 9. Burli will work with any version of DirectX 5 or higher.

So what do we do?

What you need to do depends on which version(s) of Windows you are running. Remember that DirectX must be present on each computer that runs Burli so several of the following may apply.

Windows XP
Windows XP includes DirectX. Build 170 will run on any copy of XP. You may wish to run Windows Update to make sure you have the very latest version of DirectX for XP, but the version that comes with XP works very well.
Windows 2000 (all flavours) and Windows ME
You probably already have a valid copy of DirectX on the workstation already but it may not be the latest version. We recommend downloading and installing the latest version, DirectX 9.0.
Windows 98, Windows 98SE
You may not have DirectX installed. Download and install the latest version, DirectX 9.0.
Windows 95
Windows 95 computers are unlikely to have a valid versions of DirectX unless you have installed it for some other reason. There is a special version for Windows 95 ONLY. Windows 95 users MUST install DirectX 8.0a
Windows NT4
There is no current DirectX support for Windows NT4, but 170 does launch on NT boxes if there is an old version of DirectX present on the system. However, if you wish to use game port connections on NT with build 170 or higher you’ll need to add an extra setting on the computer with the game port. Please contact for details.

What happens if I don’t have DirectX installed?

You may receive an error message (the most common error reports that DINPUT.DLL is missing) as Burli tries to launch. Burli does launch with some older versions of DirectX installed, but external connections and capture functions may not work. We do not recommend trying to use the game port on any Burli workstation that does not have a recent version of DirectX installed.

Where do I get DirectX and how do I install it?

The DirectX package is a free download from Microsoft’s website and it comes with it’s own installer.

Windows 98, Windows 98 SE, Windows Millennium Edition (Windows Me), and Windows 2000 need DirectX 9.0. Note that Burli will work with any version of DirectX 5 through 9; only the latest version, 9.0, is available from Microsoft.

Windows 95 users MUST install DirectX 8.0a

PLEASE NOTE: Microsoft warns that because it is a system component, DirectX 9.0 cannot be uninstalled without reinstalling your operating system. XP users can roll back if they create a system restore point before installing.

Why did you make this change?

We understand that some users will find the DirectX requirement an annoyance and we gave this some thought. Using DirectX makes capture and I/O functions more stable and reliable and allows us the potential for more sophisticated hardware support in the future. The people most affected by the change will be those few still running the very oldest versions of Windows, 95 and NT4. On balance the inconvenience of requiring DirectX seemed justified by the increase in stability and functionality. In particular it allows us to finally solve the Windows 2000 capture issue that has plagued some users since Windows 2000 was released.