Customer Intake

If you want to become a Burli NE user, then there are some things that we want to know. Here’s a list of things that you have to think about:

Network Newsrooms

Number of locations / workstation

  • How many sites (fysical locations), workstations and concurrent users do you need (also divided per site) We want to get a sense of the number of users and the load at each site. It matters for database config, hardware specs and multi-site config at each site, if there are multiple sites to install of course.
  • Are there journalists/Burli workstations at all the sites? One ‘Site’ might just be a central datacentre? We’ve been assuming there’ll be working Burli client(s) at all sites for capture, audio mix-downs, etc.?
  • Will the databases/services at ALL the sites be running 24/7 or are some ‘Sites’ just one or two user PCs that might get turned off at night/weekends?
  • Are news stories produced at all sites? In other words do you record, edit audio, and make the segments that will be put into bulletins at all the sites?
  • Are bulletins made at all sites? In other words, do editors take the segments made by other people (probably at other sites, yes?) and build them into a bulletin at all sites? Or is that maybe something that only happens at one or two larger sites?
  • For the webversion (Burli Beat): can we host it all at one site or does every Site need separate Webversion access?

IT Details

  • What version(s) of Windows are running on each PC that will have Burli on it? We no longer support XP but will it be Win 7, 8.1 or 10?
  • For each location we need to know how users are managed (the answers affect how we handle users for multisite):
    • Do you want to use SSO or will they instead manage their Burli users completely independently of Windows users?
    • If you want SSO:
      • Does each user log into Windows as themselves or do they share a login (several people use the same ‘News’ username maybe?)
      • If so is it a domain or workgroup?
      • Separate network/domain/workgroup for each site or one Domain for the network? If different domains are they trusted?
  • What is the bandwidth/connection type between each of the sites? WAN or public Internet? If public Internet is there a VPN being used?
  • Do you want/need to use HTTPS for your connections? Or is HTTP fine? Doesn’t really matter to us but it affects the IIS configuration and if you need certificates (other than something self-signed) you’ll need to be ordered by you beforehand.
  • Are you clear and comfortable with how the NetHASPs work? If the TCP connection is interrupted, the Burli client locks and cannot be restarted until the TCP connection works again? Clients of us have a WAN (fast, reliable bandwidth) and have few problems but we don’t recommend it if the data connection isn’t excellent. Note that these customers have some local HASPs on critical machines in those remote locations in case of trouble with the network.


  • What are the news data sources that Burli has to ingest? Only the one wire has been mentioned? Is that it? We need some time – perhaps a day or two each – to support new, custom sources.
  • At which site should each source be captured? (Maybe some data can only arrive at one site?). We need to think about network bandwidth if there is a busy source that you want to push automatically over multi-site.
  • Looks like the one wire we know about includes images (the data makes reference to them, not sure if they actually arrive, though – none of the samples included a photo). Does Burli need to support them? If so how/where will they be used? There’s no mention of photos in the workflow documents to date.
  • Can yoiu give ua s list of all the sources that you want to ingest in Burli?


  • Is there any digital/online/website here? Do the stories (of any kind) need to be exported from Burli to a web CMS, etc.? If so, is this CRITICAL to launch or just a ‘nice to have’ to save some copy-paste?
  • Is there an editorial approval process anywhere in this workflow? For example, do the Segments need to be approved by a chief editor before they can be used in a bulletin?
  • Do the bulletin audio files we export need to be an exact length? We can stretch and compress time during dispatch but it sounds bad if they change it by more than a few seconds.
  • For each of the channels we need to know exactly what audio format we need to export in: PCM or MP2 or MP3? (We really recommend PCM if possible – much better quality) BWAV? 48KHz sample rate? Mono or Stereo? Are they all exactly the same? If not we need to know details for each file we need to make to confirm that they’re all well supported.
  • What metadata do we need to send with each bulletin audio file? Expire time? Any there standard headers (EBU BEXT, AES CART?) we must use? Maybe there are some rules about filenames or some custom metadata (Item #s that we have to include in the filename maybe?).