Burli Portable

With the latest development “Burli Portable” Burli has taken a big step toward “the future of journalism.”

Screeen Portable

Burli Portable main screen

This Chrome Web App newsroom application build with HTML5 responsive technology, makes it possible for reporters to work on outside locations, even without a internet connection.

Because of the responsive design, both tablets and smart phone can be used to install the app, cross platform (Android – iOS). Reporters in the field can now use their tablet for creating stories, or even their phone to makes reports from “the field”.

Audio Editor Portable

Burli Portable audio editor

Burli Portable has almost the same functionality as the desktop version. The editors can see all incoming feeds from news sites, can record audio locally and assemble, can take pictures, edit them on location and incorporating that into the story and set ready for dispatch to the studios in the out-queue.

Image Editor

Burli Portable Image Editor

As soon as there is an internet connection, the stories and media component in the out-queue will be sent to the central server Burli. If there is connectivity to the server all the incoming feeds will be updated while the chat module can be used for direct contact with the central editorial department.