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This is Burli’s client support website – featuring software updates, documentation, tips and help with your Burli Newsroom System. If you run Burli NE software, click here for the right support page.

What’s new?

July 2016 

SQL Server Support
Burli now fully supports Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and higher (including the free Express version). Support for MySQL 5.1 Classic continues for Burli Newsroom System.

Auto Logout
You can now set your Burli Newsroom System clients to optionally log themselves out, either at a specific clock time (3am, say), or after Burli’s sat unused for a while. A great way to free up unused licenses. Available in Newsroom System builds 227b and higher.

Windows 10
Burli runs well on Windows 10. Of course, we can’t promise other systems (AoIP, GPIO, portable recorders, etc.) do too, so it may or may not be right for full production use yet.

Burli also runs very well on Windows 8.1. But if you’re upgrading and have the choice, we’d go with Windows 10.

Release Notes
Our latest release notes are regularly updated and give a quick overview of what’s new in Burli.

More suppport
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