Burli can generate podcasts from virtually any audio, creating standards-compliant MP3 files complete with ID3 tags and XML summary data. It also uploads the data files to the Internet and deletes old episodes based on configurable settings.

Podcasts are audio files of music or talk made available in digital format for automatic download over the Internet Although podcasts began as hobby radio shows, the most popular podcasts are now current affairs, news and specialty (cooking, technology, entertainment) talk shows from professional radio outlets.

System Requirements

Burli’s podcasting engine is a standard and free component of all versions of Burli 195 and higher. It does, however, require Burli’s MySQL engine and MP3 encoding both of which are licensed features.

You will also need upload rights (via FTP or UNC) to the website where the public will subscribe to and download your podcasts (usually the station’s existing website).

Installation Guide

A complete technical guide to installing the podcasting engine is available from the Documentation section of this website. The file is in PDF format. 

PHP Scripts

The podcasting engine uses a series of php scripts. Full details of how each works are provided in the Installation Guide. A package containing the latest version of the scripts is available from the Utilities section of this website.