Burli Newsroom

Burli newsroom is a high end newsroom system, made in Vancouver Canada. Eumedianet is the European reseller of Burli and responsible for sales and service & support in Europe. The Burli newsroom system is a windows-based application for the bigger newsrooms in the world, supporting the creation of stories in radio newsrooms. Eumedianet has customers in several countries in Europe, using this high end system from Canada. Read more about Burli on this page.


Beats is a system that can also support the newsroom, although it can be used in broader applications, not only for newsrooms in the smaller stations, but also for media asset management. Both systems can work together, creating an ultimate workflow (ingest, export, story writing, transcoding, planning) for journalists with a combination of cloud based and powerful on-premises systems running radioshows 24-7. On this page you can find some more information about Beats.

The Beats Media Library
The Beats Video annotatie tool