DIY Booth

Digitisation has already enriched the teaching material and new teaching methods are being used. While developments in learning analytics and digital learning methods will not be able to restore the master-trainee relationship, they do facilitate personalised education, which takes greater account of the individual student

Association of universities in The Netherlands

The Do-It-Yourself Studio (DIY)

This tool supports video production by non-media professionals with no technical knowledge required like lecturers and professors who have their own expertises and want to disseminate their knowledge in a university and college setting. A DIY Studio is a mini studio designed for users to make high-quality videos generally integrating the speaker and powerpoint slides. The user from any discipline and expertise can independently book, upload, record and use the video booth without intervention from planners, technicians or anyone else. 

Some elements of the video recording

The DIY Beats application will add a professional look to the video: a logo referring to the faculty that the teacher is part of; a title and role of the speaker as a stream in the video based on metadata; a standard background image for the green key that can be changed by the user; sending the script text to the autocue so the teacher reads and looks into the camera whilst making the video lecture.

Beats cooperates with WebClip2Go. They can do the hardware installation for you as a turn-key project. They install camera’s, autocue, lights, microphones, all connected to a automation system. The teacher will enter the booth after preparing for the video in Beats, hit’s the button and starts presenting after a countdown. That’s it!

The system is built from the teacher’s perspective, therefore this system, built in close collaboration with one of the largest universities (with teacher feedback) in The Netherlands, is easy to use. It is a cloud based system making it possible to work together on scripts with others, so the teacher is well prepared when entering the booth for the actual recording.

Entering presentation text and link it to the Powerpoint slide for exporting to the autocue

When the recording is finished, the video will be placed into the session that is made for this recording. From this session in Beats, the video can be exported to Panopto, Kaltura, Mediasite, Blackboard, Canvas and any other system by uysing the Beats API.

For centuries universities have been teaching in traditional ways, like lectures in halls for hundreds of students. Modern day universities and colleges wonder if the current teaching methods are still aligned with the digital society. Students are used to being connected and will get informaton via video clips and interactive forms anyway, anytime and on any device. The “how-to” videos on YouTube are extremely populair. This DIY booth application support teachers in this transformation by offering easy access to professional video production

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