Beats Portal Video Lecturing

For centuries universities have been teaching in a traditional way, like lectures in halls for hundreds of students. Nowadays universities and colleges wonder if the current teaching methods are still aligned with the digital society. Students are used to be connected and will get informaton via video clips and interactive forms anyway, anytime and on any device. The “how-to” video on YouTube are extremely populair.

The association of universities in The Netherlands is promoting digitising in the academic educational proces: “Digitisation has already enriched the teaching material and new teaching methods are being used. While developments in learning analytics and digital learning methods will not be able to restore the master-trainee relationship, they do facilitate personalised education, which takes greater account of the individual student. Thanks to concepts such as flipping the classroom and blended learning with a mix of online and offline courses, there is more room for interaction between students and lecturers”. For more information see this link to the website of this association (VSNU).

Professional video production has always been part of the exclusive domain of broadcasting companies. An average small video production can easily cost 10k so if you need to produce 100s of videos per year this model will be far too expensive for a university or college.

Eumedianet, in cooperation with the Erasmus University in Rotterdam (The Netherlands), has developed a tool for video production in educational environments.

This tool supports video production by non-media professionals and non-specifically media technical people like lecturers and professors who have their own expertises and want to disseminate their knowledge in a university and college setting.

The Beats media catalogue

How does it work?

For the Erasmus university we’ve created a workflow for lecturers to produce professional quality video’s. They prepare the lecture video’s by uploading and creating content in the Beats system such as:

  • Powerpoint presentations
  • Video clips
  • Images
  • Audio
  • Word doc’s
  • PDF
  • Metadata
  • etc…
Metadata model with educational elements

For the universities, we’ve combined the IEEE-LOM metadata model, with DMS-01 (SMPTE), EXIF and university-specific metadata. Via mappings you can export standard IEEE-LOM metadata.

In the Beats educational system you create projects. A project can contain multiple (recording) sessions. The lecturer uploads the media to the session like background images, to use for example with the green key wall and Powerpoint files for showing slides in the video. In the session the lecturer will add a title (for the streamers) and, based on the faculty, Beats will choose the right logo for displaying in the video.

There’s a document form in Beats where the lecturer can add the presentation text and in that same form, they add scene changes and “next clicks”. So when the lecturer enters the Do-It-Youtself booth (DIY) there’s a counter 4-3-2-1 and they start recording. The presentator text will be shown on an autocue screen, the background image(s) will be mixed and they can navigate through the slides using a remote controller.

When the video is created, the result is uploaded back to Beats and will be automatically added to the original (recording) session.