Audio Undo – turning off

Burli’s single track audio editor includes an unlimited undo feature that lets users undo edits and other changes (fades, normalisation) made to an audio file. An enhanced Undo feature is also included in the multi-track editor.

For all versions of Burli prior to build 160 the feature had to be deliberately turned ON in a configuration file. This was generally done during installation and most newsrooms use the feature. However some operations may have opted to leave the function turned off.

For all versions above version 160, the feature is turned ON by default in ALL installations. Systems that previously did not use the feature will find that it has magically turned ON in builds 160+.

If you do not want Audio Undo on your system you must deliberately turn it OFF.

Turning OFF Audio Undo

Audio Undo can be turned off system-wide with a single setting in a configuration file. It is also possible to turn Audio Undo on or off at particular workstations or for individual users.

  1. Find the settings file main.ini on your Burli file server (sometimes called root path) computer.
  2. Make a backup copy of main.ini; main.in_ works well as a name for the backup file.
  3. Open main.ini in any text editor. Notepad, which comes with all versions of Windows is ideal.
  4. At the bottom of the section marked [Startup] add the line:AudioUndo=No

    Be VERY careful of the spelling, case and spacing. All of them are critical.
    On some systems you may discover the line AudioUndo=Yes already exists. Remove (recommended) or edit the existing line and make certain that there is no extra character (a > or ; or x, for example) at the beginning of the line.

  5. Save main.ini
  6. Restart Burli on all workstations on the network. This does not have to be done immediately, but the changes will not take effect at any Burli workstation that not been restarted.
  7. At restarted workstations the undo button will still appear in the toolbar of the single-track editor, but it will be grey and inactive.

Restoring Audio Undo

To restore audio undo if it is turned off, remove the AudioUndo line completely from main.ini (see above).

Why would anyone want to turn Audio Undo off?

Installations that only do the most basic editing (on-air music request recording, for example) sometimes decide not to use the feature. With Audio Undo active it is not possible to combine audio items by dragging one item directly into another using the mouse. With audio undo turned OFF this function is possible.

There are various other ways of combining audio in Burli, including the Wave Wizard and multi-track audio editor, and these are unaffected by Audio Undo. Journalists will almost always find the undo feature useful.

How do I know if we have Audio Undo turned ON?

The simplest way is to test it.

  1. Open any non-critical piece of audio the work folder. Record a sample piece of test audio if necessary. Silence is fine.
  2. Make an edit to the audio file by selecting a portion, then pressing the delete key. Answer Yes to the question.
  3. Look at the undo button on the toolbar. (It’s got an orange arrow pointing to it in the illustration at the top of this page). If the arrow is blue, then undo is installed and working (press the button to try it). If the arrow is grey, then the undo feature is not currently active on your system.