Assignment Manager

Burli’s full-featured Assignment Manager/Editor includes drag-and-drop support for associating wire clippings, faxes, e-mail, audio clips, and more with an assignment.

To access the Assignment Editor

Click Open on the top menu and then Assignments. The Assignments Finder box will then open which you can either add search criteria or just press the Start Search button to see all Assignments. Burli automatically switches the bottom window pane to the current assignment folder, which contains the items associated with the currently selected assignment.

To add a new assignment 

On the menu, choose New, then Assignment. You can also press Shift-Ctrl-A on the keyboard. Burli displays a dialog box with the main information fields: Title, Reporter, Notes, Date, and Time. The Date field must conform to the format 09-27-2007; the Time field must conform to the format 12:15PM. Burli will notify you of incorrectly entered data. To add the new assignment, click the OK button; to cancel the new addition, click the Cancel button.

To delete an assignment 

Right-click the assignment title in the top window. Choose the Delete option. If the keyboard focus is on the assignment title, you can use the keyboard’s Delete key to delete an assignment. Yo umay or may not have permission to do so depending on your Burli security settings.

To add items to the assignment 

When you select an assignment in the top window, Burli opens the associated assignment folder in the bottom window. You can drag-and-drop data into the assignment. For example, you could highlight an item from a newswire story, then drag-and-drop it into the assignment. This technique works with all Burli data, including faxes, audio clips, and e-mail. To create a new text entry in the assignment folder, press Insert on the keyboard or click New on the top menu and then Story. To delete an entry in the assignment folder, right-click its slug, then choose the Delete option. If the keyboard focus is on an assignment item, you can use the keyboard’s Delete key to delete the item.

To display a filtered list of assignments 

Press Ctrl-F on the keyboard to open the Burli Finder. If necessary, change the ‘Search’ dropdown box to ‘Assignments’. You can filter assignments by reporter, assignment title, assignment date, and keyword in any item associated with the assignment. You can manually enter range dates in the format 09-27-2017, or you can click the > button next to the two range edit boxes to display a popup calendar.

To print a summary of displayed assignments 

Right-click the Assignments tab in the top window pane, then choose the ‘Print these assignments’ menu option.

To print the currently selected assignment Right-click the assignment slug, then choose the ‘Print’ menu option. Burli will print the assignment header info (reporter, date, etc.) then print the associated assignment items.

To create a new assignment directly from a wire story Drag any item (e.g. wire story, audio clip, fax) and drop it on the Assignments tab in the top work window.

To Sort a list of assignments 

By clicking on the column header (Assignment, Reporter, Notes, Date or Time) to sort the column.