Script Explorer

The Script Explorer is a searchable database of all Burli scripts, organized by date of broadcast, then by subfolder, then by script name. Subfolders distinguish newscasts from sportscasts, AM and FM broadcasts, and so on. Refer to the scripts page more information about scripts and subfolders.

To access the Script Explorer 

Click the Scripts tab in the top window’s tab bar. Burli displays a tree control in the left pane representing the last thirty days. Click the plus (+) sign next to each day to reveal that day’s subfolders; click the plus sign next to each subfolder to reveal that subfolder’s scripts; click the plus sign next to each script to reveal that script’s stories; click the story slug line to reveal the story in the edit pane to the right. The sample tree (to the right) displays an open day, subfolder, and script. Click the minus (-) sign next to a branch to close it.

To copy stories from the Script Explorer 

You can drag-and-drop story slugs from the script explorer to any valid Burli target, such as a script in the bottom window. You can also drag-and-drop a portion of a story by highlighting it in the edit window, then dragging it to the target location. Scripts in the Explorer are considered read-only; if you want to edit a script, drag-and-drop its name to the bottom window, or use the standard Script Open command. These steps are covered on the scripts page.

To open a script (for editing purposes) from the Script Explorer 

To open a script for editing purposes, drag the script’s name from the Explorer and drop it in the bottom window. Burli opens the script as if you used the opened the script using the usual Script Opener.

To search the Script Explorer 

Burli lets you search the Script Explorer for specific keyword(s), optionally defined within a particular date range. This feature is handy for locating a story without knowing the exact broadcast date.
Press Ctrl-F on the keyboard, or click ‘Open’, then ‘Finder’ on the menu bar. Make sure that the search field displays Scripts.
Type the keyword(s) to find, separating each keyword by the vertical bar (|) character. To narrow the search by date, provide start and stop dates in the range fields, or click each field’s date popup button to choose the date from a calendar.

When the search is completed, Burli places a purple arrow over the tree icon for any day, folder, script, and story that contains the phrase. Consult the Finder page for more details on searching for data.